ELM February 2017

Shape the future: why you should vote for a new union.
Motion #38
Tue, 2017
  • North Wales

THAT Conference instructs the Executive Committee to raise with the NEU Joint Executive Committee the need for an explicit mechanism for determining the representation of districts on the NEU Executive Committee.

Motion #37
Tue, 2017
  • Brent

THAT Conference welcomes the progress that has been made in bringing ATL and the NUT together to form a new union, the NEU.

Motion #35
Tue, 2017
  • North Wales

THAT Conference notes that ATL currently enjoys excellent channels of communication with the Welsh Government, which could be at risk, and that the Committee in Wales provides a forum for formulating member response to Welsh Government policies, which are radically and increasingly divergent from

Historic step forward: ATL and NUT to form a new union

Today, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) announced that members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of joining to form a new union*. The union will be called the National Education Union.
The National Education Union (NEU) will come into existence on 1 September 2017. With more than 450,000 members, the NEU will represent the majority of teachers and educational professionals in the UK.