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Leading in tough times

Being an education leader has arguably never been tougher. The expectation for success is great, but so, too, is the potential to fail. This is all at a time when funding is being squeezed year on year and recruitment is becoming harder, with increasing numbers of education professionals quitting, driven out by the unrelenting workload. Yet whatever the challenges, the pressure on leaders to deliver results grows.

Restructuring in colleges, schools and academies

Changing how an organisation operates so it can stay ahead of the times, or turning around a struggling school or college, can be incredibly challenging. The difference between getting it right and getting is wrong can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful school or college. Either way, it can provide a career-defining moment for leaders.

Well-being: leading and managing a well workplace

This publication offers tools to help with time management, establishing a work-life balance and recognising and dealing with the insidious impact of undue stress. Further, it offers tips to help you look after yourself and your staff and identifies the characteristics of a healthy working environment.

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AMiE is unrivalled in the range and quality of its printed and downloadable guidance and advice.

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