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AMiE provides trade union and professional services for leaders and managers in schools and further education.

It forms a distinct section of ATL, the education union. Given the increasing integration of schools and further education and AMiE's equally strong representation from both of these fields it means that AMiE is well placed to recognise opportunities and weaknesses within the current changes to the education landscape and express front line views on what would be best for both education leaders and managers, in delivering change on the ground, and for the learners they serve.

What we do

AMiE champions and represents education leaders and managers, advocates service excellence and professionalism, and promotes effective education to government. The Association models best employment practice and aims to be a rewarding place to work for all its employees. We offer:

  • help, advice and representation to members on all employment matters, with our professional case work recognised as among the best offered by any trade union
  • publications and best practice guides
  • online resource bank
  • advice and support on a wide range of curriculum and management issues
  • CPD for members
  • education news: our regular newsletter ELM supplemented by electronic briefings
  • good deals on insurance and other services.

Leading-edge employment relations support

You can access confidential advice, guidance and information on any employment problem whether as an employee or as manager.

In addition, we produce a range of employment relations leaflets on topics including contracts of employment, sex and race discrimination, dismissal, grievances, discipline at work, bullying, work related stress, restructuring and redundancy etc.

Unlike other trade unions, as an AMiE member you will wherever needed receive effective workplace representation from a professional AMiE regional officer. All our regional officers are experienced negotiators and have excellent advocacy skills.

To access our employment relations services, just call your regional officer or the national employment helpline. All our advisers are experts in employment law, best practice, and procedures, and have experience dealing with managers' workplace problems.