Personal and organisation resilience

24 January 2018 by AMiE
Stress may be a characteristic of many school and college staffrooms today but they can tackle it through learning resilience and the support of leaders, Christine Clark told delegates at her breakout session on personal and organisation resilience.

Christine, a trainer who focuses on the psychological risks of stress in the workplace, said that when she visits schools it quickly becomes apparent to her that some staff are struggling.

She said that staff needed to be academically and psychologically robust to survive and prosper and that resilience training could help.

Resilience can be amplified and enhanced at any age.

You can learn resilience, no matter where you come from, your background or support system.


She said that teachers often blame their leaders for their stress, but their ability to cope with stress was defined long ago, suggesting that they need to be more conscious about what they do to tackle stress themselves.

“What have you done this weekend that’s re-credited your mental health bank account?” she asked. “Teachers and leaders may be running towards a brick wall without realising it.”

Christine suggested that looking after your physical health was a major contributor to personal resilience. “There’s some research to suggest that exercise could be the ‘magic bullet’,” she said.

Reporting by Nick Bannister, education communications consultant.

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