AMiE comment on government's Talented Leaders programme

Press release
10 September 2014 by ATL Media Office
Peter Pendle, chief executive officer of AMiE, ATL's leadership section, comments on government's Talented Leaders programme.

Peter Pendle, chief executive officer of AMiE, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers' (ATL) leadership section, said:

"We welcome the allocation of funding this programme brings and it is sensible to locate outstanding leaders in schools requiring greatest improvement. However, this initiative doesn't address the underlying need to change the current hire and fire culture, where the time head teachers are in post is getting shorter and shorter, that is driven by the existing regulation and inspection framework. Leaders are forced to implement a divide and rule command and a control culture with unrealistic targets for their teams because that is what the current inspection regime forces them to do.

"Although Ofsted is unfit for purpose, the judgements of its inspectors can end headteachers' careers so they are forced to focus on preparing for inspections to the exclusion of everything else. Rather than providing small pots of funding for minor firefighting initiatives in the run up to the election, the government should be looking at how it can give leaders the freedom and security to deliver excellence in all schools."

Notes to editors

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