Improving local AMiE organisation

Good union organisation in a workplace adds value to your AMiE membership. Good organisation will help ensure members have a strong voice; and that members are represented, consulted and informed.

In FE and sixth form colleges, members can come together as AMiE college workplace sections, electing their own rep(s). This opens the door to raising issues of concern through the college's negotiating and consultative body, or directly with senior management. 

In other workplaces such as academies, maintained, and independent schools, AMiE members will wish to share information and network with other colleagues; and where there are a group of AMiE members at the same workplace, electing an AMiE rep is recommended.

Improving AMiE organisation in the workplace will: 

  • enable the collective views of AMiE members to be heard
  • ensure information is shared with AMiE members
  • provide the conditions for increasing AMiE membership
  • ease the way for AMiE recognition from the employer
  • enable work with other trade unions on issues of mutual interest.

None of this requires anything particularly special other than a desire from AMiE members to work together.

For more information and help on improving local AMiE organisation, please contact your AMiE regional officer or download our briefing The AMiE Workplace.