Workload on the front line

Workload and work life balance is a prominent issue of discussion among educational professionals. The government seems to have taken very little notice of their own Workload Challenge survey, which 40,000 professionals took time and trouble to complete. Ignoring such an enormous response seems dismissive of the profession.

Control + Delete: Why the government shouldn't get rid of ICT

The Department for Education (DfE) recently sneaked out an announcement (hidden in a consultation), that GCSE and A level ICT will be axed.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time

The workload elephant has always been with us, but it just seems to keep growing, and it’s increasingly out of control.

The Reading Race

In the last of our blogs on embedding English, we will look at a classroom activity for developing learners’ reading skills and some ways to incorporate differentiation.

How teachers can use learners’ errors to develop their accuracy with language through a classroom activity

In the second of the blogs, we’ll be looking at how teachers can use learners’ errors to develop their accuracy with language through a classroom activity.

Embedding English: From Classroom to Common Inspection Framework

As part of ATL's Union Learning Fund project, ATL Midlands have organized their first English and maths week. This is the first of three blogs we'll feature this week from Joanne Miles about embedding English.

YoungMinds says make a noise about bullying this anti-bullying week

Lucie Russell, Director of Campaigns and Media at Young Minds explains what you can do to tackle bullying for Anti-Bullying Week 2015.

Don’t tell me I have low expectations

Teachers care passionately about their pupils and strive to close the education achievement gap, but their job becomes more difficult as inequality and poverty levels rise – as they will under Conservative party policies

School improvement is too important not to put parents in the driving seat

Are parents really irrelevant to school improvement? You might think so, given the present behaviour of our political masters, but without them we’re not likely to get the education we want or that our children deserve.

Every childhood is worth fighting for

Everyday our ChildLine volunteers are contacted by children desperate for someone to talk to about the growing pressures in their lives. Sadly they often feel they have nowhere else to turn.