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The WHOLE CARE code of leadership practice

AMiE has published guidance on what good leadership looks like based on a nine-point framework for leading with positive values. The WHOLE CARE code of leadership practice has been developed as part of AMiE’s ethical leadership work. The seven-page guide includes examples of good and bad practice, and encourages leaders to review and rate practice at their organisation against the nine areas using a red, amber and green traffic light system.

Resilience: Surviving and thriving in education

Resilience is often associated with the capacity to persevere against the odds and to develop the famous ‘stiff upper lip’ as a means to cope. It is more powerful than this.

How to survive at the top: volume one

Starting off in leadership can also be a bit like a real journey into the unknown. This is a paradox, as leadership is a subject about which so much has been written.

Nuts and bolts: volume two

In a world where constant change and challenging financial circumstances have become the norm, this second volume in AMiE’s Nuts and Bolts series explores the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage a budget.

Nuts and bolts: volume one

Continuous change - and planning for it - is taken for granted in most organisations.

The importance of talent management

Against the backdrop of an extremely challenging funding environment we are moving inexorably to a time when talent management will be not simply a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of leading and managing in education.

How to survive at the top: volume three

As new leaders facing everyday challenges, it would be nice to think that if only we could learn the ‘right’ way of tackling an issue, then it would always provide the correct outcome: if X happens and we do Y, then we should always get Z = the right result. If only it were that simple and logical!

How to survive at the top: volume two

Leadership and management are about people. Developing the people around you will be both demanding and satisfying – and your greatest challenge. So, getting to grips with the processes and procedures of good management is your immediate task, while embracing the wider leadership implications of people management will continue to challenge you throughout your leadership journey.