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How to survive at the top: volume three

As new leaders facing everyday challenges, it would be nice to think that if only we could learn the ‘right’ way of tackling an issue, then it would always provide the correct outcome: if X happens and we do Y, then we should always get Z = the right result. If only it were that simple and logical!

ER06: disciplinary problems

We all hope it never happens to us, but sometimes things go wrong; and sometimes this can lead to formal disciplinary action.

Wellbeing: leading and managing a well workplace

The health of an organisation is founded on the welfare and wellbeing of those who work within it.

ER09A: dismissal

You have certain employment rights relating to dismissal. The first is the right to notice.

ER27: settlement agreements

A settlement agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement) is used to settle a dispute between an employee and an employer and prevent statutory claims to an employment tribunal.

How to survive at the top: volume two

Leadership and management are about people. Developing the people around you will be both demanding and satisfying – and your greatest challenge. So, getting to grips with the processes and procedures of good management is your immediate task, while embracing the wider leadership implications of people management will continue to challenge you throughout your leadership journey.

ER05: grievances

In your workplace you may have problems or concerns about your work, working environment or working relationships that you wish to raise and have resolved.

Improving performance through critical conversations

This handbook is aimed at providing a practical and reflective guide for practitioners in this important area.

ER08: transfers, mergers, and outsourcing

When schools or colleges merge, change into a new institution, or outsource a particular service, it can be an unsettling time for affected staff.

DfE workload group reports - guidance for leaders

In the wake of the Government’s Workload Challenge, which asked education staff about workload issues and identified how unmanageable workload has become, the DfE set up three groups to address the key issues of lesson planning, marking and data management.