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Nuts and bolts: volume two

In a world where constant change and challenging financial circumstances have become the norm, this second volume in AMiE’s Nuts and Bolts series explores the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage a budget.

ER7: restructuring and redundancy

Educational institutions can restructure at any time.

Vocational education in the global economy

Education and training, at its best, transforms lives. It equips learners to realise their human potential, improves their employment opportunities, and empowers them in all aspects of their lives.

ER11: Ill health and incapacity

Ill health and incapacity are something all of us may experience during our working lives.

ER4A: Bullying and harassment at work

Workplace bullying is a serious issue and can have terrible consequences for the victim.

Nuts and bolts: volume one

Continuous change - and planning for it - is taken for granted in most organisations.

ER06B: suspended from work

Suspension has long been the default response in schools and colleges for any employee suspected of misconduct.

The importance of talent management

Against the backdrop of an extremely challenging funding environment we are moving inexorably to a time when talent management will be not simply a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of leading and managing in education.

ER09B: constructive dismissal

Faced with poor treatment from their employer, the question of constructive dismissal is often raised by our members.

ER31: working time regulations

Sadly long working hours remain a problem in the education sector. In Colleges and adult education there are no specific rules on the hours a manger can be required to work.