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The WHOLE CARE code of leadership practice

AMiE has published guidance on what good leadership looks like based on a nine-point framework for leading with positive values. The WHOLE CARE code of leadership practice has been developed as part of AMiE’s ethical leadership work. The seven-page guide includes examples of good and bad practice, and encourages leaders to review and rate practice at their organisation against the nine areas using a red, amber and green traffic light system.

Resilience: Surviving and thriving in education

Resilience is often associated with the capacity to persevere against the odds and to develop the famous ‘stiff upper lip’ as a means to cope. It is more powerful than this.

Governing expectations June 2017

What governing bodies should expect from school leaders and what school leaders should expect from governing bodies

ER15 Wellbeing

Why do we need a strategy? Wellbeing is not some touchy-feely concept that can be adopted by ticking a box. Nor is it simply having a well-written policy commitment to a healthy workplace. Wellbeing at work is a culture that needs to take root across the whole organisation; and not least by those who lead.

How to survive at the top: volume one

Starting off in leadership can also be a bit like a real journey into the unknown. This is a paradox, as leadership is a subject about which so much has been written.

ER03: your notice rights

It is common for staff in schools and colleges to have an express term written into their contract that sets out the required period of notice to be given by their employer. Alternatively the contract may refer to a collective agreement (eg. the burgandy book) that sets out notice terms.

ER07B: the redundancy payments modification order

We look in brief at how this particular piece of legislation can be important when considering entitlement to redundancy payments.

ER12: UK income tax and working abroad

Whether or not you pay tax on earnings when working abroad depends largely upon your residency status. It makes no difference whether or not you work for a UK employer.

ER4b: dealing with an allegation of bullying

Being accused of bullying or harassment is something no manager ever wants to face. But it does happen. This leaflet sets out the steps you can take if you find yourself in such a situation.

ER02: your contract of employment

The contract of employment is the basis of the relationship between employer and employee.