Bullying and harassment

Everyone has the right to work in a climate of respect without being subject to intimidating, hostile or humiliating treatment

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JUAC Warning about the potential risk from hidden asbestos in schools

The Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) is warning school leaders that staff and pupils may be exposed to hidden asbestos when it is unknowingly disturbed by everyday school activities, contractors, flooding, water ingress, draughts and weathering. 


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Resilience: Surviving and thriving in education

Each delegate received a copy of the latest publication in AMiE’s Excellent Leaders series, which contains case studies, scenarios, tasks and reflective conversations.

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Leading from the front

In an earlier blog I described how I was recently part of a panel discussing ethical leadership and management, particularly in a time of austerity.

Coming together for leadership learning

Top-level speakers made AMiE’s first conference a huge hit with members.

Progression into management and leadership

Josie Whiteley, AMiE president, talks about her day with ATL Future discussing progression into management and leadership.

New publication: leading in tough times

Being an education leader has arguably never been tougher. The expectation for success is great, but so, too, is the potential to fail. Discover how to navigate these tricky issues in AMiE's new publication 'Leading in tough times: keeping ethics at the heart of your practice'.

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